The latest iPhone 17 Slim rumor, It could cost more than the Pro Max

The latest iPhone 17 Slim rumor, It could cost more than the Pro Max

The latest iPhone 17 Slim rumor is that Apple is working on the “Slim” model, a new, slimmer iPhone that will be released in 2025 as part of the iPhone 17 lineup. According to Business Standard, the new flagship iPhone 16 model is expected to have a 6.6-inch display, positioned between the 6.1- and 6.9-inch screens of the existing lineup.

iPhone 17 Slim rumor, its design and features

According to sources, Apple is considering using an aluminum frame, a smaller front-facing camera cutout, and a centered rear camera setup for the “Slim” iPhone. For the iPhone 17 models, analyst Jeff Pu anticipated a redesigned look with a smaller Dynamic Island. Furthermore, supply chain expert Ming-Chi Kuo proposed improving the iPhone 16 Pro Max’s energy density, which might result in all 2025 models having stainless steel battery cases.

Pricing and Market Position

It is anticipated that the “Slim” iPhone will cost more than the most recent iPhone Pro Max when it is released by Apple, underscoring its reputation as a luxury device. The 13-inch iPad Pro, the thinnest gadget Apple has ever produced, was released recently, highlighting the company’s tendency toward thinner products. It seems that Apple is now applying this strategy to its iPhone portfolio.

Major Design Leap

The iPhone 17 Slim is reportedly an iPhone X-level jump in Apple’s design language, according to multiple sources. It will be time for a new assessment by 2025. The iPhone 17 Slim is anticipated to have an aluminum frame and to be substantially thinner than any previous iPhone. As of right now, Apple is supposedly still considering several ideas for the design. The rear camera island is probably going to shift to the phone’s center, and the Dynamic Island will be smaller.

Discontinuation of the Plus Model

Due to poor sales, there are rumors that Apple will drop the Plus model after this year. More people may choose the new Slim iPhone over the Plus variant. According to reports, Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 16 range in September. The Plus model will be replaced by the iPhone 17 Slim in 2025.

Premium Variant

The Information claims that the iPhone 17 Slim will be the most expensive model in the lineup, even more expensive than the iPhone Pro Max. For comparison, the regular iPhone model costs Rs. 89,990, while the Pro Max variant costs Rs. 1.59 lac. Therefore, the iPhone 15 Plus variant costs Rs. 10,000 more than the base iPhone variety.

Slimness Obsession

The iPhone 17 Slim is the latest in Apple’s infatuation with thin products, which began with the release of the thinnest iPad Pro during the ‘Let Loose’ event. The new Slim iPhone seeks to surpass the 6.9mm thickness of the iPhone 6, which was one of the thinnest models.

Significant Redesign

It is anticipated that the iPhone 17 Slim will have an aluminum frame and be substantially thinner than any prior iPhone model. From a design perspective, the camera island might move to the center and the dynamic island could be marginally smaller. It is anticipated that the screen will be smaller than the 6.7-inch panel of the iPhone 15.


Historically, Apple has offered three different iPhone models: a base model, a Plus model, and two Pro variants. However, according to reports, there will be a makeover the following year with iPhone 17 Slim rumor, which will not only take the place of the iPhone 17 Plus but also be the priciest phone in the lineup. Premium specifications are anticipated for the iPhone 17 Slim, which will be in line with Apple’s recent trend toward tiny devices. According to several sources, Apple made a significant design leap with the iPhone 17 Slim, making it similar to the iPhone X. Should these modifications come to be, the iPhone 17 Slim will have an aluminum frame, a new, streamlined design, and be substantially thinner than any prior iPhone.

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