Google will spend $700 million on severance this quarter

Google will spend $700 million on severance this quarter

Google pledged $700 million on severance payments in the current quarter, marking a significant financial move. The company’s continued attempts to manage notable changes within its staff have led to this conclusion. The IT sector, which includes Google, has been dealing with issues that call for strategic reorganizations and adjustments. As a result, it is important to examine how this financial choice will affect the company’s operational trajectory and the welfare of its employees.

Past Layoffs and Financial Overview

Google just released its financial report for the fourth quarter and fiscal year 2023, and it showed that the company had spent billions on employee severance, mostly as a result of its massive layoffs in 2023. The corporation announced sales for the fourth quarter of $86.3 billion, up 13% from the previous year, and for the fiscal year of $307.4 billion, up 9%. Despite these reductions, Google showed expansion in all of its primary business segments.

Continued Layoffs and Financial Commitments

Google started more layoffs in January 2024, which had an impact on hundreds of workers in the hardware and core engineering departments. With over 1,000 positions, the corporation targeted severance costs of an extra $700 million. This is an extension of the almost 12,000 staff layoffs from the prior year.

CEO’s Message and Future Plans

In a statement to staff members, Google CEO Sundar Pichai outlined the company’s objectives for the coming year and the necessity of significant expenditures. Pichai stated that to create space for these investments, difficult choices like restructuring and job losses are required. Additional layoffs are anticipated across several Google departments, including those involved in core engineering, hardware, advertising, search, commerce, maps, and YouTube.

Financial Implications and AI Investments

Google’s income in 2023 shown an increase in key sectors, including digital advertisements, cloud computing, and subscription services, despite the financial effect of layoffs. This expansion was facilitated by the company’s investments in generative AI, or the “Gemini era.” The cloud business of Google reported $9.19 billion in sales, a 25.6% rise over the previous year. Additionally, the business is developing Gemini Ultra, the next iteration of its AI model.

Real Estate Cutbacks and Future Layoffs

In addition to severance payments, Google spent $1.8 billion in 2023 on real estate-related expenses. The company’s dedication to the “Gemini era” implies that further layoffs are expected in 2024 as a result of Google’s decision to reduce staff in other areas to fund ongoing expenditures in AI.


Google’s $700 million severance package budget, in reaction to the shifting dynamics of the tech industry, highlights the company’s proactive strategy to handle staff changes in the face of continuous expansion. Stakeholders and observers will be keenly watching how these decisions affect Google’s operational strategy and employee well-being as the sector develops.

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