Google Upgrades NotebookLM AI Features for Improved Note-Taking Experience

Google Upgrades NotebookLM AI Features for Improved Note-Taking Experience

Google upgrades NotebookLM AI features with significant enhancements, incorporating the Gemini 1.5 Pro model to improve performance and add new functionality. With the help of Gemini 1.5 Pro, NotebookLM gains contextual awareness and can answer questions about the source material’s pictures and diagrams, enhancing comprehension.

Expanded Functionality

Google Upgrades NotebookLM AI Features with the addition of Google Slides and web URLs to its already-existing support for PDFs, text files, and Google Docs. Alongside these enhancements, Notebook Guide is introduced as a new feature, featuring styles akin to study guides and frequently asked questions, aiding in material organization

Inline Citations and Fact-Checking

The use of inline citations makes it simpler to acquire corroborating text from source materials, which helps to verify the accuracy of responses produced by AI. Users can further explore contextual understanding and confirm the veracity of the content.

Interface and Language Support

Google upgrades NotebookLM AI features, expanding its reach to over 200 nations and territories. Additionally, its interface language support has been increased to 108 languages, while it now supports 38 languages for conversation and sources, enhancing accessibility and usability globally.

Notebook Guide

With Notebook Guide from NotebookLM, users can easily organize and present content in a variety of formats, making it suitable for a wide range of purposes, including study guides and briefing documents.

Privacy Assurance

Google promises customers that their data is secure and that it is not used to train algorithms. This helps to protect users’ confidentiality, especially when it comes to papers that they have submitted for work or education.

Expansion Plans

Google teases future expansions, maybe including connectors with more conventional note-taking apps like Evernote and Google Keep, even though the initial integrations concentrate on basic functionality.


Google Upgrades NotebookLM AI Features and by putting it against other platforms and providing its services without charge, the global rollout seeks to democratize access to AI-assisted research and writing. By utilizing Google’s vast network and resources, NotebookLM hopes to achieve this goal.

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