Google rolls out Gemini

Google rolls out Gemini in Android Studio for coding assistance in 2024

Google rolls out Gemini, an intelligent AI helper, into its Android Studio IDE. Through natural language interaction, this integration seeks to improve the developer experience by offering sophisticated coding assistance.

Evolution from Studio Bot to Gemini Pro

A significant advancement has been made with Gemini Pro, which was first introduced as a Studio Bot during Google I/O in May 2023 and powered by the PaLM-2 foundation model. It is anticipated that this modification will improve the capacity to understand and respond to developer inquiries.

Deployment and Accessibility

More than 180 countries are seeing the rollout of Gemini in Android Studio, which is aimed at the Jellyfish version of the platform. Like its predecessor, developers can access the Gemini bot within the IDE and receive help with coding.

Enhanced Coding Experience

As Google rolls out Gemini, Google highlights advancements in several coding-related areas, including resource discovery, code completions, debugging, and documentation creation. It is anticipated that switching to Gemini Pro will improve response quality and expedite the coding procedure.

Privacy and Contextual Dependence

Users must log in and specifically enable Gemini for use to guarantee privacy. The chatbot attempts to provide customized and pertinent help, and it bases a lot of its responses on the developers’ provided context and conversation history.

Integration with Android Studio

Through natural language prompts, Gemini seamlessly integrates into the Android Studio interface, enabling developers to interact with it. Gemini can be used by developers for several tasks, such as answering coding-related queries, reworking and optimizing code, producing code snippets, and finishing code according to intent.


A new era of AI-driven development emerges. Google rolls out Gemini across more than 180 countries for the Android Studio Jellyfish version, showcasing its commitment to revolutionize the way Android apps are built. Google’s strategic move to embrace innovative technology in developers’ tools demonstrates its commitment to technological advancements and its mission to offer innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of global developers.

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