Google Photos AI Editing Tools Releases for All Android and iOS Users

Google Photos AI Editing Tools Releases for All Android and iOS Users

Discover the latest Google Photos AI Editing Tools that can improve your photo editing experience with powerful AI capabilities. All users of the app on both the Android and iOS platforms will have access to features including Magic Eraser, Photo Unblur, and Portrait Light.

Key Features

Google Photos will begin to roll out these potent AI technologies:

  • Magic Eraser: enables users to easily eliminate undesired items from their pictures.
  • Photo Unblur: makes out-of-focus photos more crisp and clear by sharpening them.
  • Portrait Light: adjusts the light sources to improve the overall look of the lighting in photos.

Since the deployment will be gradual, it may take a few weeks before the update reaches every user.

Device Compatibility and Requirements

There are criteria for your device to meet to use certain capabilities:

  • Android Devices: Version 8.0 or later is required, and at least 4GB of RAM is needed.
  • iOS Devices: Runs on iOS 15 or later only.
  • Pixel Tablets: These functionalities are also supported.
  • Chromebook Plus: Requires at least 3GB of RAM and ChromeOS version 118 or higher.

Magic Editor Availability

Google is making its Magic Editor tool, which uses generative AI for more intricate changes like moving people and altering the color of the sky, more widely available in addition to its main functions. This tool, which was first released with the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, will now be freely accessible on all Pixel devices.

Free Usage Limits for Magic Editor

Every month, Google Photos customers on iOS and Android platforms will get ten Magic Editor saves for free. Users will require a Pixel device or a Premium Google One plan with at least 2TB of storage to exceed this restriction.

How to Install the Google photos Editing Tools

Users must download these editing tools from the Google Photos app and select “Install” to utilize them. A Wi-Fi connection and a minimum of 1GB of storage space on the device are needed for this process.

Additional AI Features and Future Updates

In the upcoming months, Google intends to release further Google photos AI editing features in addition to the current tools, like as:

  • HDR Effect: improves pictures and videos.
  • Color Pop: gives pictures more vivid colors.
  • New Collage Styles: For custom picture collages.
  • Upcoming Features: Cinematic images, video effects, sky hints, and portrait blur.


In conclusion, a major development in photo editing technology has occurred with the release of Google Photos AI Editing Tools for all users of iOS and Android. Users may easily enhance their photos to obtain professional-quality outcomes with these potent AI-driven capabilities. With this release, Google continues to demonstrate its dedication to offering cutting-edge resources that enable people to express their creativity and improve their photographic experiences.

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