Google Introduces Password Sharing For Family Members

Google Introduces Password Sharing For Family Members

A new feature Google Introduces Password Sharing lets users safely exchange passwords with family members. The goal of this update is to improve user experience by making it easier for family groups to share passwords while still ensuring security.

Google Introduces Password Sharing, How It Works

With their Google Password Manager accounts, users may now share passwords with family members thanks to a new feature. A copy of the password is sent to the receiver in the family group in their own Google Password Manager when a user shares a password. Families can manage shared services and accounts more easily by using this shared password to access the required account without explicitly sharing critical information.
This function offers a more secure solution than standard password-sharing techniques because it is only available to family group members. Users must form a family group and add members to use this function.

Practical Uses

Google has offered other instances of the advantages that this feature can offer. For example, a family can use a single account to manage daycare arrangements or view their child’s school assignments. These useful applications demonstrate the ease of use and security advantages of the new functionality.


Google Play Services version 24.20 is presently being rolled out to mobile devices with the family-sharing functionality. Nevertheless, the desktop version of Chrome does not currently support it. In the Google Password Manager app, users can share passwords with family members by clicking the “share” option.

Enhanced User Experience

Apart from the family-sharing functionality, Google Password Manager is going to undergo a content revamp. The app’s user interface has been improved with the new design, dubbed Material You, to make it more aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly.

Security and Privacy

Google prioritizes privacy and security when it comes to password sharing. Google makes sure passwords are shared safely and with people, they can trust by restricting password sharing to family groups. This functionality is in line with Google’s larger initiatives to encourage safer online behavior and improve consumers’ online security.

Implementation and Future Updates

In February 2024, Google initially revealed the password-sharing tool in conjunction with Safer Internet Day. Google Play Services version 24.20, released in May 2024, now has the capability. Although the functionality is presently available on mobile devices, it can take some time for it to be available on all devices.


A big step has been taken in the direction of making password management for families more practical and safe as Google Introduces Password Sharing For Family Members. Google has met a common demand while upholding strict security and privacy standards by enabling users to share passwords within a family group. As the feature is rolled out, users may anticipate a more simplified and intuitive Google Password Manager interface.

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