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Google fined for $270 million for AI training methods by French regulatory authority

French regulators have fined Google $270 million for AI training methods for allegedly using journalist content without proper notification to train its AI chatbot, Gemini, formerly known as Bard. The alleged violations of AI training practices were related to this.

Violation of Commitments

In the past, Google had pledged to negotiate agreements with news organizations openly and honestly. Regulators discovered that Google had broken its promises when it neglected to notify publishers that their content was being used for AI training.

Lack of Cooperation and Transparency

In addition, Google was charged with not collaborating with a monitoring trustee, engaging in sincere negotiations, and giving all relevant revenue data to parties involved in the talks. The business did not refute these allegations.

Response and Controversy

Google acknowledged that it disagreed with the fine’s proportionality but nevertheless decided to pay it, indicating that it wanted to proceed. The tech behemoth highlighted its emphasis on working with publishers and adopting sustainable methods for distributing content.

Broader Implications

The incident highlights current discussions about digital content ownership and AI training methodologies. Other cases that have generated similar controversy include the lawsuit between OpenAI and The New York Times regarding content usage, and Clearview’s fine for scraping biometric data.

Looking Ahead

The need for more precise laws and industry standards is brought to light by the growing scrutiny tech companies are receiving for their AI training practices. Publishers, on the other hand, negotiate tricky contracts with AI companies to get just compensation for their work while guaranteeing its moral application.


The substantial $270 million fine that the French regulatory body levied against Google highlights how crucial ethical issues are while developing AI training methods. The Google fine brings to light the complex ethical issues surrounding content ownership and AI training. It emphasizes how important it is for tech companies and content producers to work transparently together. Proactive participation and moral standards are, in my opinion, necessary for ethical AI development.

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