German VC Early-Stage Fund Breaks Records with €214m Investment in Deep Tech

German VC Early-Stage Fund Breaks Records with €214m Investment in Deep Tech

German VC Early-Stage Fund Breaks Records with €214m Investment in Deep Tech. In the deep tech industry, this optimistic trend is especially strong. According to reports, this fund is the biggest deep-tech early-stage fund in Europe.

German VC Early-Stage Fund Focus

Vsquared Ventures intends to allocate the fund, which has investments ranging from €500,000 to €5 million, across 25 deep tech startups in Europe. Furthermore, a specific amount of the capital will be set aside for further investments. The fund’s six primary growth areas of focus are energy transition, robotics and manufacturing, new computing and sensing, new space, AI and next-generation software, and tech-bio (biotechnology utilizing data-driven technology for drug development and patient care) among other topics.

Vision for Europe’s Deep Tech Future

Europe can lead the world in deep technology, according to Vsquared Ventures, which also stressed the significance of safeguarding the continent’s technical sovereignty and future-proofing its sectors. The company issued a statement stating, “We partner with companies that solve real problems through real technology on a global scale”.

Support from Prominent Investors

Numerous prominent limited partners (LPs) have expressed support for the new fund, including Novo Holdings, the Novo Nordisk Foundation’s investment arm, the NATO Innovation Fund (NIF), and the European Investment Fund (EIF). The CEO of EIF, Marjut Falkstedt, voiced hope for the fund’s future. “Europe has an incredible talent pool and leading research facilities,” she said. Developing innovative concepts into successful company plans is of utmost importance. We are thrilled to assist deep tech specialists Vsquared in continuing to fund the deep tech ecosystem in Europe”.

Portfolio and Investment Strategy

IQM, a Finnish quantum computing hardware firm that recently teamed with AWS to provide its first quantum processor in the EU, is one of the companies in Vsquared Ventures’ varied investment portfolio. Other noteworthy investments are in Neura Robotics, Black Semiconductor, Germany’s Isar Aerospace, and Lithuania’s Atrandi Biosciences.

The assets under control of Vsquared Ventures have increased to almost €450 million with the launch of Vsquared II. Dr. Lise Rechsteiner, Thomas Oehl, Dr. Herbert Mangesius, and Benedikt von Schoeler, the firm’s general partners (GPs), are dedicated to supporting founders by utilizing not only finance but also their vast network and specialized knowledge. Their goal is to show that Europe can produce the next wave of global deep-tech leaders.

Deep Tech Momentum in Europe

The shutdown of Vsquared II is evidence of deep tech’s increasing popularity in Europe. Investors who see this industry as having the potential to produce ground-breaking technical solutions are paying close attention. Innovative projects being developed by companies in Vsquared’s portfolio include wearable laser-based biomarker assessment systems, autonomous space access, sustainable battery recycling, and next-generation sequencing technology.

Future Outlook

With the help of Vsquared II’s funding, European businesses will be able to expand into new markets and take the lead in deep tech globally. Europe will produce the next wave of global deep tech leaders, as Vsquared Ventures is dedicated to demonstrating by utilizing both financial resources and a wealth of experience.


German VC Early-Stage Fund record highlights the deep tech industry’s promising future in Europe. Through strategic investments in a range of technological domains, the company is well-positioned to propel noteworthy progress and reinforce Europe’s standing as a preeminent center for deep-tech innovation.

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