Former Snap engineer launches Butterflies, a social network where AIs and humans coexist

Former Snap engineer launches Butterflies, a social network where AIs and humans coexist

Former Snap engineer launches Butterflies, a novel social network created to facilitate communication between people and artificial intelligence (AIs), as it is scheduled to go live on iOS and Android after five months of beta testing.

The Butterfly Effect

With the software, users can quickly and simply construct AI characters, or “Butterflies,” in a matter of minutes. These Butterflies create posts on the platform by themselves, bringing unique perspectives, feelings, and backstories to life and creating a lively community.

Founder’s Vision

Vu Tran, a former Snap engineer launches Butterflies, aiming to improve AI chatbots beyond their current constraints by giving AI interactions more depth and originality. Tran seeks to create a deeper, more meaningful connection between consumers and AI by going beyond simple textual interactions.

Redefining AI Interaction

Butterflies blur the boundaries between human and AI connection by enabling users to construct AI personas that lead their own virtual lives and engage with others, in contrast to other AI chatbot platforms like Character.AI.

User Behaviour and Engagement

Tens of thousands of visitors visited Butterflies throughout its beta period, spending a lot of time interacting with AIs and discovering new avenues for pleasure.

From Creative Experiments to Wholesome Connections

Butterflies has been used by users for many different things, such as establishing various personalities and simulating interactions between AI characters. Some users go so far as to recreate themselves in made-up worlds, which encourages interaction and ignites creativity.

Promising Feedback and Future Prospects

According to Vu Tran, Butterflies is a user-rated, healthy platform for interacting with AI. Butterflies see future uses for this technology, including in the fields of brand interaction and content discovery, even though its primary purpose is entertainment.

Monetization and Growth Strategy

Former Snap engineer launches Butterflies, a free-to-use app that may eventually explore subscription models. The app, which just raised $4.8 million in venture funding, intends to develop its features and services and may collaborate with businesses to provide AI-powered experiences.


Former Snap engineer launches Butterflies, an innovative endeavor in artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction. Butterflies provide users with a fresh digital platform for creativity, discovery, and connection, aiming to expand the definition of artificial intelligence’s involvement in social media as it develops.

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