Former OpenAI Researcher Joins Anthropic to head up new team

Former OpenAI Researcher Joins Anthropic to head up new team

Jan Leike, a former OpenAI researcher joins Anthropic and made waves by departing from the organization over security concerns. This move signals a significant shift in the landscape of AI research and development.

OpenAI and Safety Issues

Regarding its approach to AI safety, OpenAI has had internal conflict; Leike’s resignation being the most recent example. His departure brings to light persistent conflicts inside OpenAI over how to strike a balance between privacy and profit.

Role of Leike at Anthropic

Leike, a former OpenAI researcher joins Anthropic and will lead a group focused on developing the idea of “superalignment.” Research on automatic alignment methods, weak-to-strong generalization, and scalable oversight will be given top priority by his team.

Comparison to OpenAI’s Superalignment Team

Leike’s recently formed Anthropic team is analogous to the now-dissolved Superalignment project at OpenAI, which also had issues with organizational structure. Leike’s priorities are in line with Anthropic’s emphasis on safety, which creates a favorable atmosphere for his research.

Anthropic’s Leadership and Safety Emphasis

Founded by former employees of OpenAI, Anthropic presents itself as a safer option. The departure of OpenAI CEO Dario Amodei highlights philosophical disputes about the application of AI and security protocols.

The Effects of Leike’s Move on Industry

Leike, former OpenAI researcher Joins Anthropic underscores broader industry worries surrounding AI safety and ethical deployment, as well as a significant migration of talent from OpenAI. Amazon’s investment in Anthropic strengthens the argument for its potential to impact the direction of AI research.

Talent Request and Upcoming Opportunities

Leike’s open invitation to others to work with him at Anthropic highlights the organization’s dedication to creating a cooperative atmosphere that advances AI safety. This action raises questions about OpenAI’s long-term strategy and its capacity to hold onto elite personnel in the face of internal difficulties.


Former OpenAI researcher Joins Anthropic signals ongoing debates within the AI research community regarding prioritizing safety in AI development. His transition to Anthropic carries the promise of influencing industry norms and the trajectory of AI research and deployment as he embarks on this new journey.

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