Dogwifhat price headed to $10

Is Dogwifhat price headed to $10? Arthur Hayes thinks so

Is Dogwifhat price headed to $10 since Dogwifhat (WIF) emerges as a standout crypto token for April 2024, positioned as a meme coin on the Solana blockchain. Having peaked at $4.85 on March 31, 2024, during the weekend, it’s now down by 7% but has surged over 300% in the past month.

Dogwifhat price headed to $10

Dogwifhat entered the market on December 19, 2023, at $0.1681, rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after meme coins. Since its inception, its value has skyrocketed by over 2,500%. Currently, Dogwifthat (WIF) is priced at $4.41, with a 24-hour trading volume of $821 million.

Despite hitting an all-time high of $4.85 on March 31, the price has since dropped by around 7%. Following a weekly surge of more than 52.5%, Dogwhifat became the third most valuable meme coin with a market capitalization of $4.4 billion, trailing only Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB).

It holds the 29th rank, placing it among the top 30 cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap, with 998,920,173 circulating WIF tokens. On March 14, Dogwifhat saw its first major surge, reaching $3, following a successful fundraising campaign of over $70,000 for promoting its logo on the Las Vegas sphere.

This led to a 25% immediate increase in WIF’s prices after the crowdfunding campaign was announced. The token’s value is primarily driven by the interest of cryptocurrency enthusiasts in dog-themed digital currencies like Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB).

WIF partnership with Telegram bot, Miss Rose

Dogwifhat has partnered with Telegram’s bot, Miss Rose, resulting in a 15% price increase in the initial hours after the announcement. This partnership has elevated WIF to the third spot among meme coins by market cap, surpassing PEPE.

The collaboration with Miss Rose, known for its wide reach and functionality, is expected to enhance WIF’s visibility and engagement within the Telegram community.

This partnership has been well-received by investors, with a notable increase in WIF’s market performance and price surge. This positive market response indicates optimism regarding the potential benefits of the partnership for Dogwifhat’s market reach and community engagement.

WIF Price Analysis

Despite the over 300% increase in the last month, the largest holder of WIF tokens remains reluctant to sell. According to Coinstats, the wallet holds WIF tokens valued at $139.5 million, purchased at an average cost of $0.32, resulting in an unrealized profit of $127.3 million. This has sparked rumors in the cryptocurrency market, suggesting that the holder anticipates further price increases for Dogwifhat.

Arthur Hayes, former BitMEX CEO and current CIO at Maelstrom, has predicted that Dogwifhat could reach a value of $10. His prediction came immediately after the token’s price hit $3 for the first time in March.

While Shiba Inu (SHIB) maintains its position as the second-largest meme coin with an $18 million market cap, a trader and crypto analyst named “cryptoveteran” predicts that WIF could soon rival SHIB in dominance.


Finally, the opinion that Dogwifhat price headed to $10 is supported by Arthur Hayes is highly influential in the cryptocurrency world. With Dogwifhat’s impressive performance and strong community engagement, the possibility of its price reaching $10 appears increasingly likely, especially considering endorsements from prominent figures in the crypto space and its strategic partnership with Miss Rose on Telegram.

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