CleanSpark Bitcoin Mining Capacity Doubled, Amassing $4B in Assets

CleanSpark Bitcoin Mining Capacity Doubled, Amassing $4B in Assets

CleanSpark Bitcoin mining capacity doubled, amassing over $4B in assets. In an era where many tech companies chase the latest trends, CleanSpark, a Bitcoin mining firm, is steadfastly focusing on its strengths. Based in Nevada, CleanSpark recently announced remarkable achievements in its Bitcoin mining operations.

CleanSpark Bitcoin Mining Capacity

CleanSpark mined an impressive 445 Bitcoin in June, marking a 6.7% increase from the previous month. To put this into perspective, acquiring that much Bitcoin today would cost over $27 million.

 However, CleanSpark is not selling its Bitcoin. Instead, they are retaining almost all of it, continually adding to their growing digital treasure trove. As of now, CleanSpark holds 6,591 Bitcoin, valued at over $4 billion at current prices. This impressive collection is akin to a digital gold mine.

The Secret to Their Success, Hash Rate

What enables CleanSpark to mine such vast amounts of Bitcoin? The answer lies in computing power, or “hash rate” in the crypto world. Since December, CleanSpark has more than doubled its computing power, reaching a formidable 20.4 exahashes per second (EH/s).

This substantial increase places CleanSpark among the top three Bitcoin miners globally. CleanSpark’s significant growth can be attributed to strategic moves, such as acquiring five new facilities in Georgia. These new sites are expected to further enhance their computing

While many major Bitcoin miners are diversifying into areas like artificial intelligence and cloud computing, CleanSpark is taking a different approach. Zach Bradford, CEO of CleanSpark, clearly articulated their strategy:

“While others are exploring new revenue streams, we are focused on optimizing our Bitcoin mining power and profitability.” In other words, CleanSpark is doubling down on what they do best.

CleanSpark’s Ambitious Targets

CleanSpark’s ambitions don’t stop there. The company aims to achieve 50 EH/s of computing power, more than doubling its current capacity. This goal could position them as one of the largest Bitcoin miners globally.

Despite these achievements, CleanSpark’s stock price dropped by 5.5% on July 2. This decline underscores that good news doesn’t always immediately translate into stock market gains. However, looking at the bigger picture, CleanSpark’s stock has risen by 55.6% this year and has more than tripled in value over the past year.

CleanSpark’s expansion is not solely through internal growth. Recently, they announced a $155 million merger with GRIID Infrastructure, which provides additional Bitcoin mining equipment and access to more power essential components for their expansion plans.


To conclude, CleanSpark Bitcoin mining capacity doubled amassing $4B in assets. CleanSpark’s focused strategy and significant growth in Bitcoin mining capacity highlight its strong position in the industry. As they continue to expand and achieve ambitious targets, CleanSpark remains a formidable player, demonstrating resilience and commitment to their core business amidst a rapidly evolving tech world.

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