ChatGPT Down Again as OpenAI’s Bad Week Continues

ChatGPT Down Again as OpenAI’s Bad Week Continues

ChatGPT down again has increased users’ fears about the platform’s dependability. Both premium and free users of ChatGPT experienced significant outages on Tuesday and Wednesday. The issues prevented users on the online interface and mobile apps from starting new conversations or viewing conversations from the past.

Issue Acknowledged and Resolved

Around seven in the morning, OpenAI recognized that there were more problems than normal on the service status page. According to reports, the issue was fixed by boosting system capacity around 8:40 a.m. With a significant outage on Tuesday, this was the second disruption in two days. ChatGPT Down Again highlights the increasing concerns regarding the platform’s stability and reliability.

Repeated Issues

ChatGPT Down Again has highlighted the growing apprehension among users regarding the dependability of the platform. ChatGPT experienced a severe disruption on Tuesday that lasted for nine minutes and a partial outage that lasted for nearly an hour. Users are becoming more concerned about the stability of OpenAI’s services because of these reliability issues.

Dispute over Scarlett Johansson’s Voice Model

OpenAI has been accused of stealing Scarlett Johansson’s voice for their new voice model without her consent. Johansson was contacted by CEO Sam Altman last year to promote ChatGPT but turned down the offer. Before the introduction of GPT-40, she claimed she was asked to rethink.

Johansson’s Response

Johansson was shocked and furious after hearing a demo where she couldn’t distinguish the demo’s voice from her own. OpenAI refuted claims that the voice was meant to sound like her.

The Official Reaction from OpenAI

OpenAI removed the new voice model presentation after Johansson made her complaint, although they insisted that there was no deliberate similarity to Johansson’s voice. The incident has compounded OpenAI’s growing troubles, which already included issues with service reliability and moral dilemmas with its business tactics.


ChatGPT Down Again and OpenAI’s recent challenges highlight the need for reliable AI systems and strong countermeasures, emphasizing the importance of resolving moral issues and ensuring the dependability of AI services.

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