Bitcoin wallet provider accuses Ocean Mining Pool of censorship allegations

Bitcoin wallet provider accuses Ocean Mining Pool of censorship allegations

A Bitcoin wallet provider accused Ocean Mining Pool of censorship allegations and the community’s reaction is divided on this matter.

Ocean Mining Pool accused of Censorship by Bitcoin Wallet provider

Samourai Wallet, a Bitcoin wallet provider, has accused the Ocean mining pool of censoring specific transactions by restricting the OP_RETURN data size. Ocean’s founder, Luke Dashjr, denies the allegations and attributes the issue to bugs in Samourai’s software.

The dispute, emerging on December 7th, revolves around Ocean’s alleged blocking of privacy-enhancing CoinJoin and BIP47 notification transactions.

Ocean’s New Policy

Samourai Wallet claims that Ocean’s new policy, enacted on December 7th, specifically targets certain transactions, including privacy-enhancing CoinJoin transactions and BIP47 notification transactions. The wallet provider suggests that Ocean founder Luke Dashjr has a history of transaction blacklists and censorship.

Central Technical Disagreement Centers

The central technical disagreement centers on the allowable size of the OP_RETURN function for embedding additional data into Bitcoin transactions.

Samourai contends that Ocean began limiting OP_RETURN to 46 bytes instead of the standard 80 bytes, hindering the processing of privacy-related transactions. Consequently, Samourai urged miners to divert computing power away from Ocean in protest.

However, Dashjr categorically denies that Ocean implemented an intentional censorship policy targeting transactions like CoinJoin, which obscure links between addresses.

Instead, he argues that the issue arises solely from a bug in Samourai Wallet’s software. Dashjr asserts that he examined the transactions but could not discern their purpose or find technical specifics.

Crypto Community’s Reactions

The cryptocurrency community’s reactions are divided on the matter. Some support Samourai’s call for adherence to the 80-byte OP_RETURN standard, viewing it as a matter of principle.

Others believe that Ocean’s change was unintentional and argue that the wallet provider should address its bug.

Another Wallet Provider

Nostr Wallet, another wallet provider representative, denies any overarching agenda to block privacy features. Despite this, Samourai remains steadfast in its allegations, accusing Dashjr of deception and urging the community not to accept Ocean’s statements at face value.


To conclude, the accusation of censorship on Ocean pool mining by the bitcoin wallet provider has the community divided in their opinion but the privacy and censorship concerns are getting a lot recently in crypto and these need to be solved to keep the community safe and secure.

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