Bitcoin Surges Beyond $63K as Solana (SOL) Climbs Toward $150

Bitcoin Surges Beyond $63K as Solana (SOL) Climbs Toward $150

The Bitcoin surge soon after Solana climbs towards $150 is under discussion by the investors. Bitcoin is making strides to reclaim the significant $63K level, while Solana (SOL) surged nearly 5% daily.

Bitcoin Surge beyond $63K

As the new week begins, the entire cryptocurrency market is attempting a recovery, with its total capitalization nearing the crucial $2.5 trillion mark, up 2.6% for the day. Bitcoin’s price is currently around $62,800, having reached a daily high of approximately $63,700, marking a 2.6% increase over the past 24 hours.

The question remains whether BTC can maintain and build on these gains or if the bears will drive the price back toward $60K. Analysts are optimistic about July, predicting it will be a positive month for Bitcoin, especially following a downtrend in June. Several key economic events in the US this week could impact Bitcoin’s price movement. These include:

  1. Monday: June ISM Manufacturing PMI Data
  2. Tuesday: Fed Chair Powell’s speech and JOLTs Jobs Data
  3. Wednesday: Fed Meeting Minutes
  4. Thursday: Stock Market closure
  5. Friday: June Jobs Report data

Solana Leads Altcoin Surge

Many large-cap altcoins are also showing strong performance, with Solana (SOL) being a standout, increasing by 4.6% and approaching the $150 mark. Other altcoins such as LINK, AVAX, and NEAR have also posted impressive gains of 5.31%, 6%, and 5%, respectively.

Certain categories within the cryptocurrency market are performing exceptionally well. For instance, meme coins on the Solana and Base blockchains have seen average gains of 13% and 9%, respectively. This is significantly higher than the general category of meme coins across all chains, which have risen by about 3%.


To conclude, the Bitcoin surge to $63K and Solana leading the altcoin surge, the cryptocurrency market is experiencing a notable recovery. With several significant economic events on the horizon, the market’s trajectory will be closely watched. This promising start to the week may set the stage for continued growth and stability in the market.

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