Bitcoin ETF Rebound Inflows

Bitcoin ETF Rebound Inflows, an Impressive $418 Million Rebound

Analyze the Bitcoin ETF rebound inflows trends. This week, spot Bitcoin ETFs have shown signs of recovery alongside the rebound in the crypto market, attracting inflows totaling $418 million on March 26. Data from Farside Investors confirms that the ETF market is capitalizing on Bitcoin’s recent resurgence, with these inflows representing the largest amount of capital flowing into these products since March 13.

Bitcoin ETF rebound inflows

Among individual performances, the Fidelity Wise Origin Bitcoin (FBTC) ETF outperformed BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBIT) for the second consecutive day this week, drawing in the highest inflow on March 26, totaling $279.1 million.

Meanwhile, IBIT followed closely with $162.2 million in inflows. Other ETF products, including the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) and the WisdomTree Bitcoin Fund (BTCW), also recorded positive flows. While GBTC experienced its regular trend of outflows, totaling $212.3 million, BTCW remained flat.

Notably, the Ark 21Shares Bitcoin ETF (ARKB) saw a significant turnaround, going from $0 on March 25 to $73 million in inflows on March 26, marking its second-largest inflow this month. The total cumulative inflows to these investment products since Jan. 11 now stand at $11.7 billion, with collective assets under management (AUM) reaching $58.755 billion at the reporting time.

Positive Capital flows

These inflows mark the second consecutive day of positive capital flows this week following a week of consistent outflows. Throughout the previous week, the spot Bitcoin ETF market saw funds flowing out, totaling $887.6 million, as the crypto market retraced.

Spot Bitcoin ETFs experienced five consecutive days of outflows for the first time since they began trading, with the single largest intraday outflow of $362.2 million on March 19.

These outflows were driven by reduced inflows in the other nine products and sustained outflows from GBTC, which has lost $14.36 billion since Grayscale transformed it into an ETF on Jan. 11. As the crypto market recovers, investor interest in spot Bitcoin ETFs has resurfaced.

Bitcoin Sustaining Recovery

Bitcoin is now aiming to sustain its recovery, facing resistance from bears to hold the $70,000 price level. Since dropping to $62,260 on March 22, the leading cryptocurrency has been establishing higher lows, closing at $69,988 on March 26. Currently, BTC is trading at $69,788, experiencing a 0.27% drop this morning.


To sum up, the remarkable $418 million increase in Bitcoin ETF rebound inflows indicates a notable revival in investor interest and confidence in cryptocurrencies. The recent resurgence in spot Bitcoin ETFs, with $418 million in inflows on March 26, reflects a renewed investor interest following a period of outflows. This positive momentum, coupled with Bitcoin’s recovery and aim to sustain its price above $70,000, highlights a potentially bullish sentiment returning to the cryptocurrency market.

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