Bezos to sell Amazon shares after stock hits record high

Bezos to sell Amazon shares after stock hits record high

The founder and executive chair of Amazon, Jeff Bezos to sell Amazon shares in the massive online retailer for $5 billion. This choice was made public on Tuesday in a regulatory filing made to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Announcing the selling of 25 million Amazon shares coincided with the company’s all-time high of $200.43.

Stock Performance and Market Impact

With a gain of around 32% so far this year, Amazon’s stock has been rising steadily. This increase greatly exceeded the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s 4% gain. Even though the stock price fell below $200 on Wednesday, it is still one of the market leaders.

Bezos to sell Amazon shares

Bezos will still own over 912 million shares of Amazon following this anticipated transaction, or roughly 8.8% of the company’s outstanding stock. After the stock had an 80% increase in 2023, Bezos sold shares earlier this year in February for almost $8.5 billion.

Amazon’s Strong Performance

The increasing need for artificial intelligence (AI) technologies has been advantageous for Amazon. The company’s emphasis on artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing helped it report outstanding first-quarter results in April. Adam Selipsky was recently replaced by Matt Garman as the head of Amazon’s cloud computing division.

Bezos’ Wealth and Ventures

With a net worth of $214.4 billion, Bezos is ranked as the second richest person in the world by Forbes. In addition to his role at Amazon, Bezos founded the space exploration firm Blue Origin. Blue Origin gained notoriety in May when it launched a six-person crew to the edge of space.

Strategic Reasons Behind the Sale

Bezos may have chosen to sell a sizable portion of his shares to diversify his investments, raise money for other projects, and engage in charitable giving. Even though Bezos resigned as CEO of Amazon in 2021, he is still the company’s greatest shareholder and continues to have a major influence.

Amazon’s Future Prospects

For the first time last month, Amazon’s stock market valuation crossed the $2 trillion barrier; nevertheless, it still lags behind other tech titans like Nvidia, Apple, and Microsoft, all of whom have valuations above $3 trillion. It is anticipated that the company’s strategic focus on AI will continue to propel growth, especially in its cloud computing division.


The announcement of Jeff Bezos’ intention to sell $5 billion worth of Amazon stock comes at a moment when the stock is doing remarkably well. This action demonstrates Amazon’s strong market position, which is fueled by innovation in artificial intelligence and cloud computing, and matches its larger investment plan. Bezos continues to shape the direction of Amazon and other endeavors, such as space exploration with Blue Origin, as he diversifies his assets.

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