Apple wants to train its AI and is reportedly looking to team up with news publishers

Apple wants to train its AI and is reportedly looking to team up with news publishers

It has been revealed that Apple is negotiating licensing to access the vast news archives of major news organizations in an effort to improve its artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. With this action, Apple hopes to use past data to train its generative AI systems. Apple is aggressively trying to catch up with its rivals in the generative AI space, despite its late entry.

Apple wants to train its AI  and Negotiates with Publishers

Apple has proposed multi-year license agreements worth at least $50 million to publishers such as Condé Nast, NBC News, and IAC, and has started talks with them. The business plans to train its generative AI model with news stories, indicating a large investment in AI research and development.

Mixed Responses from Publishers

Although some publishers are worried about possible legal repercussions from Apple using their content, others see the partnership favorably. In contrast to other AI companies that are being sued for using intellectual property without authorization, Apple is willing to ask for permission and provide hefty pay.

Apple’s Differentiated Approach

In contrast to certain rivals that use books and the internet as resources for AI training, Apple wants to form regulated and legally sound alliances with reputable publishers. This strategy seeks to steer clear of the propaganda and false information that may be found on the wider internet.

Apple’s Commitment to Privacy

According to a New York Times story, Apple is reluctant to use the internet to train its AI model because of privacy concerns. Although Apple’s dedication to privacy sets it distinct from other AI companies, it is unclear how this will affect the business’s ability to compete in the rapidly changing AI market.

Apple’s Overall AI Strategy

Significant financial expenditures, the publication of a machine learning framework for Apple Silicon, and expectations for enhanced Siri and AI-focused features in the next iOS release are all examples of Apple’s recent AI initiatives. The business wants to become more dominant in the AI space and lead innovation by working with news publishers.

Tech Industry’s Intersection with Journalism

Apple’s partnership with news publishers is indicative of the increasing convergence of technology and media. Similar programs from Google and OpenAI highlight the trend of tech companies collaborating with news organizations to use AI for content production and distribution.


Apple has demonstrated its commitment to being competitive in the quickly changing AI sector by forming a strategic partnership with news publishers for the progress of AI. Apple hopes to change the AI development scene by putting money into collaborations with established publishers and placing a strong emphasis on privacy. The firm is expected to spur more innovation and cooperation in the IT sector as it solidifies its position, especially at the nexus of technology and journalism.


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