Apple iPad Air-12.9 inch Is Ready For Early 2024 Launch

Apple iPad Air-12.9 inch Is Ready For Early 2024 Launch

As Apple iPad Air-12.9 inch is ready for 2024 launch iPad fans may anticipate exciting new advances in the portfolio. Apple’s plans are revealed by renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who also discloses other noteworthy changes like the release of a new 12.9-inch iPad Air.

Are you ready for the Apple iPad Air-12.9 inch?

In early 2024, Apple plans to launch a 12.9-inch iPad Air with an oxide backplane for improved performance. This is a calculated move. With the same-spec Oxide backplane, it offers better display performance even without the mini-LED display of the current iPad Pro. In addition, two iPad Pro variants using OLED panels and M3 CPUs are scheduled to be released in the second quarter. These models will use LTPO backplanes in a tandem arrangement.

Let’s jump in and get to know how is it game-changing for the world.

Expanding the iPad Lineup

Apple has more planned for 2024 than just the iPad Air and Pro. The next iPad mini and the 11th generation iPad are among the updates that should be available in the second part of the year. Notably, the 9th generation iPad will eventually be phased away to make way for more recent models with cutting-edge technology.

How is OLED a Game-Changer for iPad Pro?

The switch to OLED screens for iPad Pro devices represents a major development. OLED technology, renowned for its sharp contrast and deep blacks, promises an improved viewing and gaming experience. There are rumors that this update will include an iPad screen that is constantly on, turning it into a smart display.

Market Impact and Predictions

Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst, projects 52–54 million iPad shipments in 2024, a small rise over current estimates. Even if shipments will not reach Apple’s peak in 2022, this plan illustrates Apple’s flexibility and vision in a rapidly evolving technology market. Apple’s dedication to preserving its dominant position in the tablet market is demonstrated by its concentration on innovation and market needs.

Apple’s iPad Roadmap Unveiled

The insights provided by Ming-Chi Kuo provide a clear path for Apple’s iPad portfolio. One notable addition to the lineup is the 12.9-inch iPad Air, which addresses the lack of a new iPad release this year. A bigger 12.9-inch iPad Air, two iPad Pro models with M3 CPUs, and a 10.9-inch iPad are all in the pipeline for the second quarter.

Bloomberg’s Insights

Kuo gives a thorough timeframe, although Mark Gurman of Bloomberg offers a little different timetable. According to Gurman’s prediction, new iPad Pro versions with OLED panels and an M3 CPU should be available in the first half of 2024. It’s interesting that the 12.9-inch iPad Air is left out. In line with Kuo’s forecasts, Gurman also mentions improvements for the iPad mini and 11th generation iPad.


Apple iPad Air is ready for the 2024 launch. Discover the next level of performance and features as Apple prepares for this highly anticipated launch. Stay tuned for the latest iPad innovation!”

Apple’s 2024 iPad portfolio, which will include improved iPad Pro models and a 12.9-inch iPad Air, is generating excitement. The extensive redesign is indicative of Apple’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology and an enhanced user experience. Customers are anticipating new products with great anticipation, and Apple’s adept balancing act between innovation and market demands paves the way for yet another significant development in its ongoing innovation path.

Stay tuned for the launch and explore the amazing features of this upcoming iPad!”

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