Apple reveals Enhanced Siri Intelligence coming to iPhones this spring

Apple reveals Enhanced Siri Intelligence coming to iPhones this spring

Apple reveals Enhanced Siri Intelligence as part of its full set of artificial intelligence features. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg says that this rollout is expected to make Siri much better and add many AI-powered features across Apple’s environment.

Update to iOS 18.4

Apple reveals Enhanced Siri Intelligence with the iOS 18.4 update, set to come out in the spring of 2025, promising to be the best thing about Apple Intelligence. With this update, Siri should be smarter and capable of more complex tasks, such as finding specific information in extensive picture libraries or using personal information to fill out online forms.

Incremental Feature Rollout

Apple usually adds new features to its operating systems one at a time. Siri’s improved features are likely to come with iOS 18.4, but other features, like AI-powered image creation or writing help, may come in later updates.

Beta Testing and Early Access

Apple plans to start beta testing in January 2025, a year before the official launch. During this time, developers and a small group of users will test the new AI features and give feedback. This will make the public release go more smoothly.

Other Improvements to Siri

Apple reveals Enhanced Siri Intelligence as interim updates precede the full rollout of Apple Intelligence. These updates are expected to introduce changes such as a redesigned Siri interface and enhanced conversational tools through integration with ChatGPT, slated for release in autumn 2024.

Future Prospects

In the future, Apple wants to add AI to more of its goods than just iOS ones. AirPods that are controlled by AI and have cameras built in to sense motion and gestures, similar to Meta’s augmented reality glasses, are planned for the future.


Apple reveals Enhanced Siri Intelligence as the company wants to improve how people use its products by adding advanced AI features to Siri and other built-in apps. The phased rollout approach makes sure that users can get used to and experience these new features as they become available over time.

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