Apple is developing robots

Apple is developing robots for your home that could end up as a new product line

Bloomberg recently reported that Apple is developing robots for your home as its next big product line. This action follows the company’s earlier this year decision to discontinue its electric vehicle project, indicating a shift toward new projects.

Exploring Home Robots

Apple engineers are exploring the idea of building customized robots for use in homes. They are thinking of creating robots to follow people about their houses and help them with different chores. There’s also an investigation into a tabletop gadget that uses robots to move its display screen, offering an interactive experience.

Smart Display Robot Features

The proposed smart display robot is designed to mimic human head motions, concentrating on specific persons in a group to improve interactions like video chats. Senior Apple officials have already expressed interest in this idea, but there has been internal discussion on whether to pursue it.

Motivation Behind Apple’s Robotics Pursuit

Apple’s interest in robots comes after a string of setbacks, such as falling iPhone sales in China, penalties from the law, and the cancellation of its long-running electric car project. With competitors in the AI space including Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI, Apple is attempting to reclaim its creative advantage by exploring uncharted territory for technology.

The Journey Towards Home Robotics

In 2019, Doug Field spearheaded Apple’s original robots initiative, which subsequently merged with Ford’s electric vehicle business. After he left, Apple concentrated more of its efforts on homegrown goods. A robot that could help with video chats and home tasks was one idea that was investigated, but it was shelved due to technological issues.

Uncertain Future, but Laying Foundations

Although it’s unclear if Apple’s robotics efforts will pay off, the foundation has been set. The robotics section now employs engineers from the abandoned automobile project, a sign of their dedication to further research in this area. Furthermore, SafetyOS’s potential repurposing—it was originally intended for self-driving cars—indicates its applicability for robotic applications.

Challenges in the Landscape of Home Robotics

With well-known items like the Roomba and smart speakers, the field of home robotics is not entirely new. But Apple has to work hard to make products that are so good that customers will pay for them.

Looking Beyond the Present

Concerns about the practicality and acceptance of personal robots in the market persist as Apple works through their development. However, this project highlights the business’s continuous pursuit of innovation and diversification outside of its conventional product lines.


To sum up, the news that Apple is developing robots especially for use at home implies a big step into unexplored landscape. After failing in earlier endeavors, Apple’s foray into personal robots represents a deliberate turn towards innovation and diversity. Even if there are obstacles ahead, the company’s dedication to pushing technical limits highlights its resolve to be at the forefront of innovation in the tech sector.

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