XRP and Bitcoin Cash Underwhelm as Traders Look Towards KangaMoon

XRP and Bitcoin Cash Underwhelm as Traders Look Towards KangaMoon

Under the current market conditions where XRP and Bitcoin Cash are underwhelmed with their price movements, the presale of KangaMoon (KANG) is drawing investors. Its unique business plan and growth trajectory have placed it in a prime position to lead the crypto market.

XRP and Bitcoin Cash Underwhelm, Traders move towards KangaMoon

Projects like XRP and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) have failed to register gains. Ripple is continuing to expand its business despite facing some regulatory challenges. Recently, the company has hired new talent in the digital asset custody sector.

This move comes after Ripple acquired Metaco, a provider of security-critical infrastructure. It should be noted that Ripple has denied allegations of manipulating the XRP price.

Some community members had previously raised concerns about Ripple’s handling and sales of XRP. Despite this, XRP has seen a 7% price increase in the past week, and its current trading price is $0.57.

Whales accumulate Bitcoin Cash

As of late, the market price of Bitcoin Cash has experienced a dip, and it seems that whales are taking advantage of this by accumulating BCH. Analysts suggest that this is an indication that whales are buying Bitcoin Cash in anticipation of a future rally. Over the past week, the market price of Bitcoin Cash has decreased by 2%, and as of now, Bitcoin Cash is available for trade at $271.37.

Data from Santiment reveals that whales began accumulating Bitcoin Cash after BCH started to decline from its recent peak of $293. The data shows that on Feb. 14, Bitcoin Cash whales had 7.81 million BCH, which increased to 7.94 million on Feb. 18. Increasing whale buying can also make Bitcoin Cash more appealing to retail investors.

Current status of KangaMoon presale

The value of the global play-to-earn NFT games market is likely to grow at a CAGR of 20.41% by 2028. Besides, the market capitalization of meme coins is also increasing quickly. These market conditions have created a perfect environment for the growth of a newly launched project, KangaMoon.

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A new P2E token backed by a community is launching a gaming-based ecosystem. KangaMoon will enable players to participate in battles and other fun activities to earn rewards and win prizes.

Players can also create in-game characters and digital collectibles, which can be sold, bought, or traded on the platform’s marketplace. Spectating games and betting on the outcomes of battles will also earn rewards for KangaMoon players.

Additionally, players won’t have to wait for the token to launch on exchanges to start earning money. They can participate in activities and battles right from the presale round. The platform won’t charge sales or buying taxes on KANG transactions. The token’s presale round has completed its first stage, and in stage 2, KANG is available for $0.0075.


To conclude, with the underwhelming performances from XRP and BCH, the presale of KangaMoon (KANG) is gaining traction among investors due to its innovative gaming-based ecosystem and unique business model, positioning it as a potential leader in the crypto market. As market conditions evolve, KangaMoon’s growth trajectory and community-driven approach could set a new standard for play-to-earn NFT games and meme coin projects alike.

Note: It’s a research based article not a financial advice

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