WhatsApp Testing Offline File Sharing, you will not require the internet to send pictures, files

WhatsApp Testing Offline File Sharing, you will not require the internet to send pictures, files

A new feature that WhatsApp Testing Offline File Sharing that will make it simpler for users to share files with one another even when they are not online. According to recent disclosures, the messaging app is developing a feature allowing users to exchange documents, films, music, and photographs offline.

WhatsApp Testing Offline File Sharing feature

A feature that would enable users to transfer different kinds of files without requiring an internet connection is something WhatsApp is currently developing. Additionally, these shared data will be encrypted to guarantee their security.

Permissions for Offline File Sharing

The permissions needed for this functionality are shown in leaked screenshots from the most recent Android beta of WhatsApp. Through Bluetooth, users will be able to locate neighboring phones that allow offline file sharing.

How It Works

The functionality will allow users to transfer files and media to nearby others without internet access, working similarly to AirDrop and Nearby Share.

Media Sharing Without Internet

The most recent beta version of WhatsApp includes the People Nearby function, which uses Bluetooth to transfer media files instead of internet access.

User Permissions and Security

Access to media, locating and connecting to devices on the local network, and figuring out the relative locations of adjacent devices all require permissions from users. To safeguard user privacy, the functionality will be end-to-end encrypted and opt-in for all devices.

Enhancements to File Sharing

WhatsApp is aiming to make it easier to share photos and videos by raising the media file-sharing limit from 10 to 30. Without an internet connection, users can transfer media files; once network connectivity is established, the files will be transmitted.

Deleting Multiple Files

Users may now remove numerous files from a conversation at once, which improves ease and frees up storage on devices.

Upcoming Changes

WhatsApp is improving functionality and user experience by adding new features and optimizing its app for both iOS and Android. The company’s goal is to improve communication accessibility and convenience, particularly in places with spotty internet service.


As WhatsApp Testing Offline File Sharing this offer is a major development in communication technology. For millions of users worldwide, WhatsApp is improving accessibility and convenience of communication by allowing file sharing without internet connectivity.

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