WhatsApp is adding cool text styles in future

WhatsApp is adding cool text styles in future

WhatsApp to Roll Out New Text Formatting Tools for Enhanced Messaging

WhatsApp, the popular messaging app operated by Meta, is set to unveil a host of new text formatting tools in its forthcoming update. In an age where online communication has largely replaced traditional SMS, messaging platforms are continually striving to offer users the latest and most user-friendly features. WhatsApp, known for its security and functionality, is now making significant strides in modernizing its text formatting options.

A Focus on Modernization

WhatsApp has long been a user favorite, with a range of tools for efficient communication. While they introduced the ability to format text with bold and italics in 2017, they have been relatively quiet on the text formatting front. However, with their new update, currently in the Google Play Beta Program as version, WhatsApp is signaling its reinvigorated commitment to enhancing its text formatting tools.

Exciting New Features on the Horizon

WhatsApp users can look forward to a fresh array of formatting tools. These include a “Code Block” feature for sharing lines of code and unformatted text, particularly beneficial for software engineers and programmers. Additionally, a “Quote Block” tool will enable users to respond to specific parts of a message, ensuring more structured conversations. Lastly, the ability to create bulleted or numbered lists will enhance the overall messaging experience.

A Wider Industry Trend

WhatsApp’s move to enhance text formatting is part of an industry-wide trend. Google has also integrated rich text formatting into Google Chat, emphasizing the importance of providing diverse options to users.

WhatsApp’s Journey to Comprehensive Social Platform

This evolution of WhatsApp is indicative of its ambition to transform into more than just a messaging app, expanding into a comprehensive social platform. From basic formatting tools introduced in 2016 to the advanced features on the horizon, WhatsApp continues to grow. As competing platforms like Telegram, Discord, and Slack race ahead with their formatting tools, WhatsApp users can rest assured that their favorite platform is keeping pace with the best in digital messaging.

Closing the Gap with Competitors

While WhatsApp has been somewhat slow to introduce new features, an experimental feature in the WhatsApp Desktop beta suggests they are catching up. The app is working on supporting syntax for code blocks, text quotes, and bulleted list formatting. These options will supplement WhatsApp’s existing formatting tools, including bold, italics, strikethrough, and monospace.

What to Expect

On Android and iOS, these formatting options are accessible with a long press, while desktop formatting involves using specific characters to achieve the desired formatting. The “Code Block” tool is particularly helpful for those in the tech industry who often share code snippets, making technical discussions more efficient. The “Quote” tool enables users to highlight specific text, aiding in clearer conversations in fast-paced group chats. Lastly, the list tool simplifies organizing information.

Continued Innovation

As WhatsApp continues to innovate and expand its capabilities, these formatting tools will be valuable additions, catering to the diverse needs of its extensive user base. The platform also plans to bring these tools to a future update of WhatsApp beta for iOS and Android.

Looking Forward

WhatsApp is actively exploring new text formatting tools to enhance the user experience. These efforts are aimed at providing users with more efficient ways to format messages, whether for casual conversations or professional discussions. While these features are still in development, they promise to enhance the functionality and fun of WhatsApp, adding to the platform’s ongoing improvements. Stay tuned for future updates as WhatsApp continues to evolve and offer users new and exciting features.


WhatsApp’s upcoming text formatting tools are set to transform the messaging experience, offering users more options for clear and organized communication. In a world where digital communication is on the rise, WhatsApp is ensuring it remains at the forefront of innovation, catering to the evolving needs of its users. As these features continue to develop, WhatsApp’s commitment to enhancing the messaging experience is evident, promising an exciting future for its vast user base.

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