AI causing humans to go extinct

There’s a 5% chance of AI causing humans to go extinct, say scientists

Concerns have been voiced over AI causing humans to go extinct due to its rapid progress. According to a recent study of 2,700 AI experts, approximately 58% of them are concerned that there is a 5% probability that AI-related catastrophes, such as the extinction of humans, would occur.

AI Milestones and Predictions

A 50% probability is predicted by academics for AI to handle a variety of activities in the next ten years, ranging from developing payment processing websites to producing songs. More difficult jobs, such as installing electrical wiring or deciphering mathematical riddles, could take longer to complete than easier ones.

By 2047, there is a 50% chance that AI will surpass humans in all tasks, according to the poll, and by 2116, all human employment would be fully automated. These are earlier forecasts than those made in 2022.

Concerns and Immediate Risks

Scholars draw attention to pressing concerns such deepfakes, public opinion manipulation, economic disparity, weaponry with artificial intelligence, authoritarian control, and disinformation. These worries highlight how AI is affecting society, particularly in light of the 2024 U.S. presidential election, which will provide a new difficulty due to the development of advanced AI tools that can produce realistic deepfakes.

Differing Perspectives and Caution

Émile Torres of Case Western Reserve University cautions against panicking even though the study indicates that AI experts have serious worries. In the past, AI expert polls have had trouble forecasting future advances with any degree of accuracy. The lack of clarity regarding AI’s future highlights the necessity of cautious optimism and more study.

AI’s Impact on Democracy and Societal Harms

The editorial in Nature highlights contemporary issues including biased decision-making, employment displacement, and the abuse of facial recognition technology by despotic regimes, in addition to the dread of human extinction. The editorial urges that real-world damages be addressed instead of hypothetical stories.

Superhuman AI and Unpredictable Breakthroughs

The possibility of artificial intelligence surpassing human intellect gives rise to theoretical worries about unmanageable “superintelligence.” Researchers note past trends of unanticipated externalities in their warning that it is difficult to forecast the future effects of AI developments. Despite reservations, others contend that the complexity of present AI technology is insufficient to have disastrous effects.


Finding a balance between taking use of AI’s potential advantages and managing its hazards becomes increasingly important as it develops. The study, which emphasizes a nuanced approach to AI development that gives priority to resolving real-world consequences and promoting responsible innovation, shows the range of viewpoints within the AI research community.

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