Samsung Secures 3nm Order for Server Processor

Samsung Secures 3nm Order for Server Processor

Samsung has taken a significant step in the world of technology by announcing the mass production of advanced 3-nanometer (3nm) processors. These processors are a crucial part of various electronic devices, and this development promises improved efficiency and performance.

Enhanced Performance and Reduced Power Consumption

The new 3nm processors mark a substantial advancement in semiconductor technology. They are set to reduce power consumption by an impressive 45% and decrease the processor’s physical size by 16%. At the same time, these processors will boost performance by an impressive 23% compared to the previous 5nm processors. Initially scheduled for 2021, the release was postponed until this year due to the complexity of transitioning to this next-generation technology.

Meeting Growing Demand

In a time when the demand for processors has surged, Samsung’s announcement is more than timely. The pandemic’s impact has led to increased sales of PCs and smartphones, and the need for online services has placed a strain on data centers. Unfortunately, manufacturing capacity hasn’t kept up with the rising demand, causing a shortage of chips that has affected various industries.

Intense Competition in the Chip Industry

In the competitive world of chip manufacturing, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) holds the top position with a dominant 54% share of the global market. Samsung, while a strong player, trails at 16.3%. This competition drives innovation and pushes companies like Samsung to produce cutting-edge technology like the 3nm processors.

Samsung’s 2GAP Technology

Samsung plans to continue its advancements, with the next goal being a more advanced technology known as 2GAP, set for 2025. This manufacturing method represents the first step in Samsung’s 2nm generation.

Samsung’s Collaboration with AD Technology

Samsung Foundry has secured a contract to produce a server-grade processor using 3nm-class technology for an overseas client. This partnership with AD Technology, a South Korean contract chip designer, marks a significant step in collaboration and innovation in the industry. While details about the processor’s exact purpose remain undisclosed, it is expected to cater to data centers and may be an AI-oriented chip.

The Potential of the 3nm Project

The CEO of AD Technology, Park Joon-Gyu, expressed that the 3nm project would be one of the largest semiconductor products in the industry. This project aims to set AD Technology apart from competitors, promising to deliver top-quality design results.

Samsung’s Technological Breakthrough

The utilization of nanosheets with wider channels in Samsung’s GAA technology offers enhanced performance and energy efficiency compared to previous technologies. This technology enables Samsung to adjust the nanosheet’s channel width to optimize power consumption and performance according to customer needs.

Providing Design Infrastructure & Services

Samsung recognizes the challenges that IC designers face in a world where technology nodes get smaller, and chip performance requirements grow. To address these challenges, Samsung has worked with its SAFE™ partners, including Ansys, Cadence, Siemens, and Synopsys, to offer a stable design environment, reduce design time, and enhance product reliability.

A Promising Future for Samsung

To celebrate this significant milestone, Samsung held a ceremony marking the start of shipments of the first batch of 3nm chips. This event was attended by key figures from the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy of South Korea and dedicated Samsung employees who contributed to this groundbreaking achievement.

Continued Competition with TSMC

Samsung’s main competitor, TSMC, is also preparing to manufacture 3nm chips in the near future. Both companies will compete to secure orders from major vendors like AMD, Apple, MediaTek, NVIDIA, and Qualcomm. The rivalry between these giants promises exciting developments in the weeks to come.


In summary, Samsung’s production of 3nm processors represents a significant leap forward in semiconductor technology, promising enhanced performance and reduced power consumption. This breakthrough comes at a critical time when the demand for processors has never been higher. As the industry continues to evolve, competition between Samsung and TSMC will drive innovation and benefit consumers by offering cutting-edge technology in various electronic devices.

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