Samsung develops industry’s fastest DRAM chip for AI applications

Samsung develops industry’s fastest DRAM chip for AI applications

A novel low-power double data rate 5X (LPDDR5X) fastest DRAM chip created especially for artificial intelligence (AI) applications was unveiled by Samsung. Featuring the best performance in the market, this cutting-edge semiconductor supports up to 10.7 gigabits per second (Gbps). In comparison to the previous generation, the business promises to offer over 25% more performance and over 30% more capacity.

Tailored Memory Solution for AI

Samsung released the LPDDR5X chip in response to the growing market for on-device AI, which satisfies the growing need for high-performance, low-power memory. This chip is especially well-suited for gadgets like smartphones, PCs, AI accelerators, servers, and even cars, where AI operates directly on the device.

Technological Advancements

By using 12-nanometer-class manufacturing technology, Samsung has become the industry leader in low-power DRAM by producing the lowest chip size of any available LPDDR choice. With a 25% increase in power efficiency, the LPDDR5X chip lowers the total cost of ownership by extending the battery life of mobile devices and consuming less energy in servers.

Future Applications

The requirement for memory systems that can enable high-performance computation while keeping low power consumption is expanding due to the significance of on-device AI. In addition to fulfilling these criteria, Samsung’s LPDDR5X chip increases mobile DRAM’s single package capacity to 32 gigabytes (GB), making it well-suited for the needs of the on-device AI era.

Collaborative Approach

Samsung highlights its dedication to innovation and customer engagement to provide solutions that are optimized for the rapidly changing field of artificial intelligence applications. The business intends to confirm the LPDDR5X chip’s interoperability with mobile application processors and mobile device suppliers before starting mass manufacturing of the chip in the second half of the year.

Industry Impact

Memory technology has advanced significantly with the release of the LPDDR5X chip, especially when it comes to AI-driven applications. LPDDR DRAM is anticipated to find uses outside of mobile devices as the market for low-power, high-performance memory grows. These uses include PCs, servers, accelerators, and cars.


An important turning point in-memory technology has been reached by Samsung with the creation of the LPDDR5X fastest DRAM chip, especially in terms of satisfying the needs of AI-driven applications. The LPDDR5X chip is expected to be very important in the on-device AI age and beyond because of its great performance, low power consumption, and increased capacity. The LPDDR5X chip is anticipated to open up new avenues for developments in several industries, including high-performance computing systems, mobile computing, and AI accelerators, as Samsung keeps up its innovation and partnerships with industry players.

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