Reddit imposes contracts, public data locked

Reddit imposes contracts, public data locked

Reddit imposes contracts on business organizations seeking to use data for commercial purposes, requiring them to adhere to Reddit’s guidelines and respect user privacy rights. Reddit has introduced a policy, the “Public Content Policy,” to regulate data access and ensure responsible licensing of its content.

Commercialization of Data from Reddit

This action follows Reddit’s recent IPO, in which the firm positioned itself to make money via data licensing deals in addition to advertising. Through these deals, Reddit has already made $203 million, and it anticipates making more.

Modification to Data Access

Reddit did not previously limit access to its data for AI training. But last year, the business reversed course, citing the need to stop giving huge corporations value for free. This change marks Reddit’s debut in the data licensing market.

Consequences of the Policy

Reddit imposes contracts on the entities, ensuring they adhere to the platform’s policies and respect user privacy. Under the new Public Content Policy, Reddit’s data will only be accessible with permission. While researchers and non-commercial organizations will still have access, those intending to use the data for profit, including AI training, must pay a fee and comply with Reddit’s guidelines.

User Rights and Privacy

Reddit’s partners must honor users’ choices to remove their content to preserve user privacy. Furthermore, partners are not permitted to target advertisements, do surveillance, or identify specific people using Reddit’s content. Additionally, Reddit will not sell user data, and access to adult media content is restricted.

Assistance to Researchers

Reddit has established a new subreddit, r/reddit4researchers, to assist researchers using the platform’s data for non-commercial purposes. Additionally, the business and OpenMined are working together to create a program for researchers who work with Reddit.


Reddit imposes contracts on entities aiming to utilize its data commercially, emphasizing adherence to guidelines and respect for user privacy rights. Reddit’s policy aims to balance user privacy and data protection, ensuring responsible data use and granting access for scholarly and non-commercial purposes.

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