Grapes flipped DeGods

NFT The Grapes Flipped DeGods NFTs

On Nov 24th,2023, the famous NFT “DeGods” owned by Frank was flipped by the recently launched NFT known as “The Grapes” and people went crazy saying The Grapes Flipped DeGods NFTs. Most of the people are saying that the NFT era is coming but here’s what we got to say.

The Grapes Flipped DeGods NFTs

The grapes NFT launched in May 2023 flipped the Degods NFT by achieving a Floor price of 3.15ETH. Both of these NFTs are on the Ethereum Blockchain. X formerly known as Twitter was divided into different opinions regarding the flip.

What are grape NFTs

It’s a collection of 3,333 NFTs, designed as a cross-media project with gaming, animated series, and merchandise.

Backed by industry leaders, aims to redefine the NFT utility landscape. Holders will be rewarded not only within Web3 but also in the commercial success of ventures spanning gaming, animated series, and more. The Grapes ecosystem is expanding rapidly.

Team scaling up IP and revenue with new games – social platforms. IP growth and most importantly potential revenue earning which directly benefits the entire ecosystem and holders through $GrapeCoin buyback. This makes it even more sustainable and provides significant holder returns.

The Grapes is led by

Led by Ben Cusack & Dan Beasley, the team boasts an impressive track record, with Ben’s background as Head of Studio in Europe and Dan’s expertise as a serial entrepreneur. Animoca Brands has invested, further solidifying its position in the Web3 space.


Governance and utility token for the entire The Grapes ecosystem. Offering exclusive access to games, events, merchandise, and more, it stands as the central pillar of The Grapes.

The Grapes is set to launch at a fully diluted $45 million market cap. A unique IGO prioritizes holder value. Securing multiple top 10 exchanges, the project is gearing up for a monumental launch.

Participate by holding a The Grapes NFT or acquiring a golden ticket. The golden ticket is very valuable because pre-sale has the best unlock terms.

Here’s how people are promoting it


To wrap it up, the recently launched NFT The Grapes has been performing really well since its launch and recently it flipped DeGods which created a huge buzz in the NFT community.

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