New Web3 Network

New Web3 Network Aims to End Big Tech’s Data Control

Discover how the New Web3 Network has the ability to revolutionize the data control industry and pose a threat to Big Tech. The Web2.0 movement, which is led by large corporations, has centralized control over the Web, and the Web3 community is concerned about this exploitation of user data.

Empowering Users Through Web3 and AI

The CEO of Edge and Node supports Web3 to give users back control over the internet and decentralize it. The goal of Web3 is to upend the centralized model and establish a more democratic online environment by integrating AI.

The Role of Edge and Node

The development of decentralized applications (dApps) and protocols is the main focus of Edge and Node. They play a key role in facilitating The Graph, a decentralized network that aims to democratize information access and organize open blockchain data.–node-a-new-software-development-company-is-launched-by-the-graph-core-protocol-team/?sh=4b1d369e4f8d

The Graph’s Contribution to Web3

The Graph’s novel methodology makes use of “subgraphs,” which act as publicly accessible APIs for effectively querying and organizing data. The advancement of Web3’s censorship-resistant internet vision depends heavily on this infrastructure.

The Evolution of Web3

Web3, despite its continuous development, represents a developing industry dedicated to transforming the internet. A major turning point in Web3’s development has been marked by The Graph’s latest roadmap, which details plans to support developers, improve network performance, and improve data services.

AI Integration with Web3

Web3 network, in spite of its ongoing evolution, is a  growing industry dedicated to revolutionizing the internet. The Graph’s latest roadmap, which outlines plans to support developers, enhance network performance, and improve data services, has marked a significant turning point in the development of Web3 network.

Future Perspectives on AI and Blockchain

Blockchain integration may be overlooked at first by mainstream AI communities, but Tegan Kline believes that as new incentive systems develop, this will gradually change. Blockchain AI together have the potential to create game-changing breakthroughs thanks to the use of tokens and decentralized infrastructure.


In conclusion, the New Web3 Network development marks a turning point in the struggle against Big Tech’s data domination. I really think that Web3 network and AI have the power to completely change the online environment. The trend toward decentralization presents an opportunity to take back authority over our data and establish a more just online community. It is still critical that we continue to promote user empowerment and transparency as we embrace this change. We open the door to an innovative and inclusive online future by promoting cooperation and supporting decentralized infrastructure.

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