MrBeast says he made more than $250,000 off his first X video, but he thinks it's a bit of a facade'

MrBeast says he made more than $250,000 off his first X video, but he thinks it’s a bit of a facade’

Jimmy Donaldson, better known online as MrBeast, recently tried to make money on X, the old Twitter site, by uploading a video there. He said with excitement on Monday that his first X video, “$1 vs $100,000,000 Car!,” brought in more than $263,000. MrBeast, on the other hand, voiced doubt about the numbers, calling them “a bit of a facade.” Let’s examine his X business in more detail and the decision’s larger background.

The Video’s Performance on X

After being uploaded on YouTube in September, Donaldson’s 16-minute movie received a lot of attention on X, with over 160 million views and 48,000 reposts. The snapshot of video data that went with it showed 156 million impressions and $263,655 in revenue.

Here’s the video that Mr.Beast posted

Skepticism Surrounding Earnings

Even with the seeming success, MrBeast questioned the legitimacy of the revenue. He explained that advertisers took advantage of the high income per view and bought advertising on his video. Because of this, he said that the large earnings may be deceptive for artists who were hoping for comparable returns.

Change of Heart and Monetization on X

Elon Musk had invited MrBeast to post on X, but he had turned him down at first because of the high production expenses of his films. Less than a month later, though, he reversed his direction and showed interest in X’s potential for ad money. This change is in line with X’s recent focus on video programming, as seen by the January 9 announcement of a new streaming series.

MrBeast’s Standing in the Creator Economy

Beyond X’s 27 million followers, MrBeast is the most popular YouTuber in the world with over 234 million subscribers. According to Forbes, his firm will make about $82 million between June 2022 and June 2023.

Even though X is said to have been successful, $263,655 seems little about his total earnings.

X’s Struggles and Monetization Efforts

After Elon Musk acquired X in late 2022, the plan was to transform it into a feature-rich video-focused app. Nevertheless, the platform has experienced a drop in traffic and difficulties with revenue. Similar to models from platforms like YouTube, Musk incorporated features like income sharing with producers and premium memberships to improve engagement.

Ambiguities Surrounding X’s Ads

There were worries that X might consider Mr. Beast’s film like an advertisement and increase interaction. An FTC complaint was prompted by reports of unlabeled adverts appearing in users’ feeds, which compounded the platform’s problems. This calls into doubt the honesty and integrity of X’s ad-related data.


MrBeast’s entry into X demonstrated the platform’s potential for creators as well as the questions that remain about its advertising policies. A major test of X’s monetization efforts is indicated by the estimated $263,655 in revenue, but MrBeast’s doubts highlight the necessity of openness and precision in the presentation of ad-related information. To draw and keep top producers in the cutthroat world of online influencers, X must solve these issues as it continues to push for video content.

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