Mark Zuckerberg gushes about Jensen Huang

Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg gushes about Jensen Huang, calls him ‘Taylor Swift of tech’

Learn how Mark Zuckerberg gushes about Jensen Huang in this fascinating Meta article. Find out why Zuckerberg views Huang as similar to the well-known pop singer Taylor Swift, illuminating their relevance in the tech industry.

Mark Zuckerberg gushes about Jensen Huang

Recently, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted a photo of themselves on Instagram. In the picture, there was a “jersey swap” moment: Huang was wearing a shearling brown jacket that belonged to Zuckerberg, while Zuckerberg was wearing his signature black leather jacket. Not only did the fashion swap make the article popular, but Zuckerberg also called Huang the “Taylor Swift of tech” and compared him to Taylor Swift.”

Zuckerberg’s Taylor Swift Analogy

In response to an inquisitive Instagram poster who asked about Huang’s identity, Zuckerberg compared Jensen Huang to Taylor Swift, suggesting Huang’s prominence in the tech industry. This was not an isolated incident; Huang acknowledged using analogies of a similar kind at Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference. Despite the lighthearted analogy, Zuckerberg has a deeper respect for Huang because of Nvidia’s critical contribution to Meta’s AI goals.

Huang’s Vital Role in Meta’s AI Aspirations

For Zuckerberg, Huang’s involvement with Nvidia is more than simply fanboy; it’s a strategic alliance that’s essential to Meta’s continued existence. To support Meta’s goals of becoming a leader in AI technology, Zuckerberg has started acquiring Nvidia CPUs. Zuckerberg said in an interview with The Verge that Meta intends to have more than 340,000 Nvidia H100 GPUs by 2024, highlighting the scope of their partnership.

Nvidia’s Soaring Valuation and Huang’s Influence

Companies like Meta’s quest for AI dominance has driven Nvidia’s valuation beyond industry titans like Amazon and Alphabet to incredible heights. Huang’s leadership has been crucial to Nvidia’s success, enhancing his standing as a significant player in the technology industry. Nvidia reps declined to comment on the connection to Taylor Swift despite Zuckerberg’s gushing compliments.

Huang’s Persona and Fashion Choices

Huang’s public image has grown in tandem with Nvidia’s growth, and his signature black leather jacket has become part of his identity. Huang is well-known for maintaining a constant wardrobe, analogous to Mark Zuckerberg’s gray T-shirts or Steve Jobs’ black turtlenecks. This choice of clothes indicates a desire to reduce the stress associated with making decisions. Huang is nonetheless humble about his taste in clothes, despite his impact, according to a spokesman who discussed this with the New York Times.

Financial Impact and Social Media Reactions

The Instagram image of Zuckerberg and Huang switching jackets generated a range of responses, from appreciation for their impact to conjecture over their net worth. Zuckerberg and Huang are two of the world’s richest people, which emphasizes their importance in the tech sector. Zuckerberg’s informal answers to remarks, which included mentions of the UFC and upcoming jacket trades, brought a playful element to the conversation.


Beyond stylistic exchanges and lighthearted comparisons, Mark Zuckerberg and Jensen Huang have a close bond in the IT industry. Their collaboration represents the meeting point of ambition and innovation, with Nvidia’s technological know-how supporting Meta’s goals in artificial intelligence. When Mark Zuckerberg gushes about Jensen Huang, it highlights the significance of cooperation and respect for one another in advancing technical innovation as both firms continue to push limits.

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