Lenovo's Android-based ThinkCentre M70a

Lenovo’s Android-based ThinkCentre M70a

Lenovo’s Android-based ThinkCentre M70a, is making waves by developing an Android-based ThinkCentre M70a All-in-One PC, marking a significant shift from the Windows operating system. This move is poised to revolutionize Android’s role in the world of personal computers.

A New Era for Lenovo

Lenovo has unveiled its ambitious plans to venture into Android-powered personal computers, spearheading the evolution of Android OS. The flagship product, ThinkCentre M70a, stands as a pioneering all-in-one PC in its category.

Lenovo’s Android-based ThinkCentre M70a is A Game-Changer

The ThinkCentre M70a boasts a 21-inch touchscreen and relies on Intel Core processors, ranging from i3 to i9. While the current version operates on Windows 11, the reimagined model will embrace Android OS, potentially reshaping the PC landscape. This transition introduces Android to a realm traditionally dominated by Windows and ChromeOS.

Paving the Way for Enhanced Productivity

Lenovo’s Android-powered ThinkCentre M70a aims to extend its reach to retail and hospitality sectors, catering to a broader customer base. The Android version is expected to be available soon, with a price point in the same ballpark as the Windows version. This transition promises enhanced dynamics and functionality, with the potential to streamline work environments and boost productivity.

Android is Simplifying User Experience

Android’s simplicity and user-friendly interface have the potential to outshine Windows 11 in customer-facing devices. This transformation can significantly improve user experience and efficiency, particularly in business settings where Windows OS has often posed challenges.

A Strategic Partnership with Esper

Lenovo has partnered with Esper, a company specializing in device management solutions, to facilitate the integration of hardware and software. This collaboration will lead to Android-powered versions of various Lenovo devices, expanding the Android ecosystem in the PC market.

A Glimpse into the Future

Lenovo’s collaboration with Esper goes beyond the ThinkCentre M70a. They plan to introduce Android-powered versions of other devices, such as the ThinkCentre M70q, ThinkEdge SE30, and ThinkCentre M90n-1 IoT. This strategic move is bolstered by Lenovo’s prior experience with Android devices, gained through the acquisition of Motorola from Google in 2014.

Esper Foundation for Android

Esper offers an enterprise-grade custom Android OS known as Esper Foundation for Android, designed for company-owned hardware like smartphones, tablets, and desktop PCs. This OS boasts a three-year support cycle, regular updates, security patches, and profound system control, making it an ideal choice for business environments.

A Unified Full-Stack System

The expanded partnership with Lenovo allows customers of all sizes and industries to efficiently expand their device fleets by purchasing a unified full-stack system that combines hardware and software with an advanced device management platform. This approach ensures compatibility and reduces operational expenses.

Android’s Potential in Specialized Sectors

Lenovo envisions a special niche for Android-powered systems in sectors like healthcare, hospitality, and retail. These industries often require reliability and customized boot environments, making Android a reliable alternative. The ThinkCentre M70a, with its Android OS, targets these specific needs and is expected to find its place in point-of-sale systems, kiosks, and digital signage.

Embracing a New Frontier

Lenovo’s introduction of an Android-powered all-in-one desktop PC is a bold step towards diversifying the PC market. With Esper’s expertise in custom Android builds and Lenovo’s hardware capabilities, this collaboration has the potential to create a powerful and effective Android PC, posing a competitive challenge to Windows 11.

A Competitive Market Share

Android devices already occupy a significant share of the enterprise fleet, surpassing Windows, iOS, and Linux. As Lenovo ventures into Android-powered PCs, this market share is likely to expand further, providing users with more options and versatility.


In conclusion, Lenovo’s Android-based ThinkCentre M70a All-in-One PC signifies a remarkable shift in the world of personal computing. This transition, coupled with Lenovo’s partnership with Esper, is set to usher in a new era of Android-powered PCs, bringing simplicity and enhanced productivity to the forefront in various industries and business settings.

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