Huawei reveals LampSite X

Huawei reveals LampSite X for indoor digital enhancements

Huawei reveals LampSite X – indoor digitalization has emerged as a top priority in the era of 5G and 5.5G. Huawei, a global technology leader, has unveiled its cutting-edge solution, LampSite X, which promises to set new standards for indoor digitalization. This article explores the LampSite X series, its capabilities, and the impact it is poised to make on various industries.

The Challenges of Indoor Digitalization

As we step into the 5G and 5.5G era, indoor digitalization faces several critical challenges. These include integrating and coordinating frequency bands for simplified design, implementing dynamic energy-saving measures to reduce costs, and developing new capabilities to cater to diverse scenarios.

Huawei reveals LampSite X

Huawei’s LampSite X series represents a groundbreaking leap in indoor digitalization. Despite its compact size, it packs an incredible punch. The LampSite X box is the smallest and lightest in the industry, making it flexible and easy to deploy in any setting. What sets it apart is its ability to support all frequency bands, radio access technologies, and wideband, allowing networks to deliver exceptional performance and energy efficiency.

The LampSite X series stands out as the industry’s first product to combine mmWave and sub-6 GHz frequencies, achieving peak throughputs of over 10 Gbps. It leverages Huawei’s Distributed Massive MIMO technology, ensuring a superb 10 Gbps single-user experience everywhere and 10 Gbps multi-user experiences for all.

Diverse Capabilities for Various Industries

LampSite X is not limited to a single industry; it caters to a multitude of needs. It offers a wide range of capabilities, including ultra-high uplink speeds, high-precision positioning accurate up to sub-meter levels, low latency in milliseconds, and robust IoT support. Huawei’s “0 Bit 0 Watt” solution ensures efficient power management, with power consumption dropping below 1 W during off-peak hours and rapid on-demand wake-ups.

Expanding Applications for Consumers and Industries

The LampSite X series is not just about impressive specs; it’s about transforming experiences. In consumer scenarios (toC), it elevates the consumer experience and introduces innovative business models. For instance, in Hong Kong’s 10 Gbps business districts, LampSite X has boosted traffic by over 20%, ushering in new toB and toC business models that shift operators from offering network capabilities to converged services.

In industrial scenarios (toB), LampSite X’s multi-dimensional digital indoor capabilities bring greater efficiency to fully connected factories. A real-world example is Midea’s smart factories, where these capabilities have enhanced various processes, including production, quality inspection, logistics, and warehousing, leading to an astonishing 50% reduction in product production time.

The Vision for the Future

Yang Chaobin, Huawei’s Director and President of ICT Products and Solutions, emphasized that LampSite X opens up exciting new opportunities. It encourages businesses to step beyond the boundaries of outdoor connectivity and embrace the potential of indoor digitalization for diverse applications.

Global Mobile Broadband Forum 2023

The LampSite X series was unveiled at the Global Mobile Broadband Forum 2023, hosted by Huawei in collaboration with industry partners GSMA, GTI, and SAMENA. The forum, themed “Bring 5.5G into Reality,” was held on October 10 and 11 in Dubai, UAE. It brought together mobile network carriers, vertical industry leaders, and ecosystem partners from across the globe to explore the success of 5G commercialization and accelerate the adoption of 5.5G.


As we journey into the digital future, Huawei’s LampSite X series stands as a testament to the power of innovation. It addresses the challenges of indoor digitalization, introduces remarkable capabilities, and ushers in a new era of connectivity for both consumers and industries. With its compact design, extraordinary performance, and commitment to energy efficiency, LampSite X is poised to redefine the way we experience and harness the power of 5.5G connectivity indoors.

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