GitHub Copilot's competitor Augment, backed by Eric Schmidt, launches out of stealth with $252M

GitHub Copilot’s competitor Augment, backed by Eric Schmidt, launches out of stealth with $252M

Software engineers are increasingly incorporating AI tools into their development workflows. GitHub Copilot’s Competitor Augment is expected to contribute to this trend.

Augment Emerges from Stealth with Substantial Funding

With an astounding $252 million in funding, Augment recently came out of stealth mode, supported by investors like Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, and well-known venture capital firms. This large investment demonstrates the promise that AI-driven coding technologies are thought to have.

The Team Behind Augment

To create Augment’s MVP, Ostrovsky collaborated with Guy Gur-Ari, a former Google employee. To bolster the startup’s leadership, they also added seasoned businessmen like Scott Dietzen and Dion Almaer.

Augment’s Approach and Business Model

GitHub Copilot’s competitor Augment while maintaining secrecy around its technology and user interface, plans to generate revenue through standard software-as-a-service subscriptions. As the anticipated general availability release approaches, Augment will reveal more details about its features and pricing, shedding light on its strategy to compete in the AI-driven coding assistant market.

The Competitive Landscape

The market for AI coding assistants is extremely competitive, with major tech companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon offering their versions. A lot of startups have also entered the market and are competing for market share.

Challenges and Concerns

AI coding assistants have drawbacks as well, including a rise in incorrect code being pushed to codebases, security flaws, and copyright issues, despite their potential advantages. Augment wants to use its deep AI and systems knowledge to solve these problems.


GitHub Copilot’s competitor Augment signals a big change in the AI coding assistant industry. Its substantial funding and focus on empowering developers highlight its potential to reshape software development workflows.

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